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Updated April 7, 2003
Filed March 25, 2003 By the editors of
On March 20, 2003 at approximately 5:35 am local time, U.S, bombs fell on Baghdad, Iraq. This has been followed by days of severe bombing in Baghdad and other cities, and the incursion of U.S. and British ground forces in Iraq. It has also been followed by huge protests in cities and towns across the United States and around the globe.

There are currently no IraqJournal team members in Baghdad. When new material becomes available, it will be posted here immediately. We encourage visitors to this site to check out the other websites with more up -to-date information. Many are listed in the right column of this page. Some sources of independent reports directly from Baghdad include the Iraq Peace Team website, Jo Wilding's On-line Diary, the Electronic Iraq news site, and a "blog" or weblog written by "salam pax" a young man apparently from Baghdad.

In addition, the website is attempting to keep a running count of all civilian casualties since January of this year.

Civilian casualties update Civilian casualties update
4 Click here for messages from three Iraq Peace Team members

Dozens of Iraqi dead after cluster bomb attack in Hilla from "DemocracyNow!"   April 4, 2003
Depleted Uranium Munitions - A Weapon of Mass Destruction   Mar. 30, 2003
Live From Baghdad, What You Won’t Hear on the Networks: An Ordinary Iraqi Speaks Out from "DemocracyNow!"   Mar. 26, 2003
Live From Iraq, an Un-Embedded Journalist: Robert Fisk from "DemocracyNow!"   Mar. 25, 2003
Inside Baghdad from "The Nation" magazine   Mar. 20, 2003
The Ghosts of Safwan: A Report from the
Iraq/Kuwait Border
  Feb.27, 2003
Report from Basra: 'No Choice Left for Us Except Facing the War'   Feb.23, 2003
Baghdad Stages Military Parades as Local Gun Sales Rise   Feb.18, 2003
Iraq Risks 'Another Gulf of Tonkin' in Basra   Feb.17, 2003
International Activists, Iraqis Protest Bush
in Large Marches in Baghdad
  Feb.15, 2003
Iraq Listens to the Presentation
by Hans Blix at UN Security Council
  Feb.14, 2003
Letter from Iraq
From The Nation magazine, March 2003
  Feb.13, 2003
Papal Envoy in Baghdad: `We Pray For Peace In Iraq'   Feb.13, 2003
Activists In Baghdad Protest Future Attacks   Feb.12, 2003
Mohammed El Baradei and Hans Blix address reporters   Feb.11, 2003
Iraq Responds to Colin Powell's Presentation   Feb.6, 2003
FOX NEWS: 'The Network America Trusts' (to pay 'Saddam')   Feb.1, 2003
The Iraq Report the CIA Won't Inspect   Dec.14, 2002
"Oil Is Our Damnation"
From The Progressive Magazine, Dec. 2002
  Dec.4, 2002
No Fly Zones: Washington's Undeclared War on "Saddam's Victims"   Dec 2, 2002
Saddam, Rumsfeld, & the Golden Spurs -
An Interview of Jeremy Scahill by David Ross.

From Z Magazine, Nov. 2002
  Nov.30, 2002
UN Weapons Inspection Team Arrives in Baghdad   Nov.18, 2002
Iraq Accepts UN Resolution With "No Conditions"   Nov.13, 2002
Iraqi Parliament Rejects Washington's UN
Resolution, Says Country Is Preparing For War
  Nov.12, 2002
Head Of Iraqi Parliament: National Assembly Poised To Reject Washington's UN Resolution   Nov.11, 2002
Trading With The Enemy: Corporations Say They
Will Continue To Do Business With Iraq
  Nov.11, 2002
Iraq Anticipates Vote in UN Security Council   Nov.4, 2002
Report From Basra: Iraq's Oil Belt Prepares For War   Nov.3, 2002
Iraqi Artist Mohammed Ghani   Oct.30, 2002
"Bush Has No Kuwait" Says Iraqi Official   Oct 29, 2002
"It's All About the Oil"   Oct.28, 2002
Activists Rally for Peace - In Baghdad   Oct.26, 2002
Views of the Amnesty - Here and There   Oct.24, 2002
American Gifts to Saddam MIA in Baghdad   Oct.23, 2002
A Day That Shook Iraq: Saddam Grants “Complete
And Final Amnesty” To All Prisoners
  Oct.20, 2002
Saddam Hussein Sworn In For Another Seven Year Term Of Office   Oct.18, 2002
Former Iraqi Ambassador on U.N. Resolutions   Oct.17, 2002
Bush’s Iraq Resolution Written ‘Not To Be Implemented’   Oct.17, 2002
Tikrit Votes "Yes" For Saddam Hussein   Oct.16, 2002
Iraq Holds Presidential Referendum   Oct.15, 2002
Bush Corleone: “Saddam Hussein Sleeps With
The Fishes”
  Oct.15, 2002
Iraqi Legislator Says Referendum On Saddam Will
Be ‘More Democratic’ Than Last U.S. Elections
  Oct.14, 2002
Top Iraqi Lawmaker: ‘Our People Will Not Turn
The Other Cheek’
  Oct.13, 2002
British Labor MP George Galloway Warns of
Dangers of Iraq Invasion
  Oct.11, 2002
Iraq Opens Alleged "Weapons of Mass Destruction" Site to the Media   Oct.10, 2002
The Road To Baghdad   Oct.7, 2002
Iraq Preparing for ‘Street Fighting’   Oct.7, 2002
US Drops Leaflets, and Bombs   Oct.7, 2002

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Jeremy Scahill and Jacquie Soohen conducting interviews in Iraq, October, 2002. Photo by Nathan Mauger.

As the Bush administration threatens a massive attack on Iraq, many within the corporate media have chosen to become cheerleaders for the war cause. The words "we" and "us" and "our forces" are used so frequently by major corporate media personalities that it has become difficult to figure out if it is the Bush Administration or the media that are gearing up to bomb Iraq.

With Washington on the verge of seeking to destroy an already devastated country, a group of independent journalists and activists - working together with Democracy Now!, the nationally distributed community radio and television program - are breaking ranks with the war chorus. Coordinated by Democracy Now! correspondent Jeremy Scahill and videographer Jacqueline Soohen on the ground in Baghdad, IraqJournal provides a forum for the distribution of independent information and views from Iraq. is made possible through the donated labor of folks at community radio station WORT in Madison, Wisconsin.
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Civilian casualties update Civilian casualties update
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July, 2002  

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June 7, 2002  

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June 5, 2002  

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May 29, 2002  

Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz Speaks with Free Speech Radio News in Baghdad (PART 2)
May 24, 2002  

Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz Speaks with Free Speech Radio News in Baghdad
May 23, 2002  

US Arms Iraq Opposition
May 22, 2002  

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