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Who Are We? Baghdad Team:

Jeremy Scahill is an independent journalist and correspondent for Democracy Now!. He also reports frequently for Free Speech Radio News. He has reported from Nigeria, Yugoslavia, and the U.S. In December 1998, and again in May and June 2002, he reported from Iraq. He has just returned to Baghdad to help bring out news not covered elsewhere.

Jacqueline Soohen is a journalist with Big Noise Tactical Media. She also frequently produces video reports for Democracy Now! and Free Speech Television. She has reported from conflicts in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Afghanistan, Palestine, and the U.S.

Nathan Mauger is a peace activist, journalist and photographer from Spokane, Washington.

Thorne Anderson is an independent photojournalist currently working in Iraq. For the past seven years he has been based in the Balkans covering conflicts and culture in Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria. His work has also taken him to Tunisia, Palestine, Tajikistan, Pakistan and, most recently, a four month stint in Afghanistan. His work emphasizes the impact of conflict on civilian populations.

Farah Laith is a Canadian-born Iraqi photojournalist. She is currently in Iraq doing a photography documentary of the other face of Iraq - 22 million Iraqi civilians. US Team:

Norman Stockwell is Operations Coordinator for Community Radio station WORT-FM. Over the last 20 years, he has covered stories in the U.S., Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brazil, and Nepal.

Josh Musick is an information architect and new media designer. He most recently taught interactive design at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. A defector from corporate media, he is currently working as an engineer at Community Radio station WORT-FM.

Rick Rowley is a veteran of the independent media movement, Rowley has shot, produced and directed several award winning feature documentaries and television shows. Cofounder of both Big Noise Films and the Independent Media Center Video Team, Rowley's work has been honored at festivals around the world including Cannes, BANFF, Toronto, IDFA, Rotterdam, Berlin, New York, San Francisco and Chicago Underground.

John Hamilton is co-producer of the Workers Independent News Service (WINS), a nationally syndicated daily labor radio news program. He has also reported for Free Speech Radio News, Democracy Now and WORT-FM, and is an organizer with the Madison Independent Media Center.

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Jeremy Scahill and Jacquie Soohen conducting interviews in Iraq October, 2002. Photo by Nathan Mauger.

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